How to Clean Outdoor Aluminum Furniture?

How to Clean Outdoor Aluminum Furniture?

Aluminum furniture generally comes in two forms – painted and non-painted. The non-painted aluminum furniture may lose its luster over the years due to oxidization. However, this type of furniture is resistant to rust. To restore the former shine of the furniture, you can use a metal polishing paste. The abrasive materials present in such a paste will help remove corrosion caused by oxidization. Remember to avoid alkaline cleaners like ammonia for items made of aluminum. However, vinegar can be used for cleaning them.

The painted aluminum furniture can be easily cleaned with a mild soap or detergent solution. Before cleaning, always remove the cushions. It is important to wipe the cushions regularly and keep them dry. Otherwise, mildews can develop, which can be quite difficult to remove. For cleaning cushions, soak them in a solution of detergent and water. Then rinse them in clean water, and let them dry in sunlight. A solution of detergent and bleach works well for mildews. However, bleach can damage the color and fabric of the cushions.

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