How to Design a Food Booth

How to Design a Food Booth

Step 1- Orient your equipment to make the best use of your limited available space. Leave enough room between appliances for employees to work, but don’t leave more room than is strictly necessary. Take the flow of ingredients and processes into account when planning your equipment layout, placing appliances involved in producing the same menu items next to one another. For example, if you will be cooking burgers in your booth, place your grill next to the prep station where you will keep the buns and condiments. If your food preparation process is interesting and appealing, position your cooking equipment so it will be visible and draw potential customers.

Step 2Create a corporate identity sign with your company name and a brief description of the type of food your provide, such as "Spicy Tacos" or "Savory Pies." Also print a menu board that clearly explains your offerings and pricing structure, with graphics if necessary. If your booth offers an item such as lemonade, which can attract customers on its own, also print a large, clear sign to advertise it. Post your menu sign high enough for customers to read it while they are waiting in line, so they can decide what they want before they reach the front of the line. Hang other signs high as well so they will be visible from a distance.

Step 3Position your cash register in the front of the booth near the menu and the drinks. Place your condiments on the front counter or at a station away from where customers place their orders.


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