How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale?

How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale?


How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale?

How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale? We take a look at how the design of a large sea:

1, Showcase terms of color:

Jewelry showcase color design should be simple, if the color change is likely to cause too many consumers fail to visual fatigue but focused effect. Use of corporate logos and colors similar to the standard color, then can be very simple solution to the above problem. Color logo design with strong accuracy and simplicity. From the precision, the flag for color selection is among the most demanding of all art forms, the most rigorous, must comply with the nature of their products, from a simple terms, the choice of color logo for jewelry showcase another principle is simple, just as people with clothes as generally no more than three colors. Harmonious color makes a positive, clear, relaxed, happy; discordant colors on the contrary, it makes people feel negative, depression, weight, fatigue.

2, visual effects:

The purpose of jewelry showcase design is to enable consumers in the limited space and time to receive information most effectively. Thus, jewelry display cabinet design is centered on how to improve the efficiency and quality of the activities carried out show. In addition to showcasing the environment than the design itself, showing objects on display in the form of jewelry showcase design is also an important part of the design. Therefore, in addition to the basic rules of the general study space design, the researchers show objects when viewing visual physiological and psychological processes is the basic premise jewelry showcase design, so the design should showcase to allow customers to make large extent looked comfortable, very natural.
3, showcase lighting areas:

Jewelry display cabinet lighting design from the top of the first light source. Jewelry display cabinets inside multi-use fluorescent lighting to enhance the overall brightness. In addition, the front left and right corners of the multi-lateral counter cold spotlights and LED lights installed as a supplemental source to improve the three-dimensional jewelry. Especially jewelry display cabinets, corner of the spotlight by irradiation or LED lights reflecting unique diamond texture edges to stimulate customers to buy. Jewelry shop sells goods are more expensive, but also to highlight the sparkling effect, the effect of better bring dazzling jewelry noble quality there is to the simple, elegant, after all, to attract customers attention must be jewelry, rather than the other decorations embellishment.

4, subsidiary material respects:

Showcase subsidiary materials, in fact, is some decorative showcase, such as carving, printing and so on. Not designed to be too fancy, it should be combined with the overall image of the jewelry shop to design, make printing, carving and other ancillary materials play a decorative effect.




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