How to design jewelry display cabinets ?

How to design jewelry display cabinets ?

Aggregation, enhance the sales of goods in addition to jewelry stores popular with store decor , jewelry display cabinet grade -related , but also with businesses to develop store atmosphere related. Jewelry counter display function is the primary function of showcase , jewelry showcase purpose is to display products , display jewelry . Prominent brand awareness is still followed . In major upscale shopping malls , if the jewelry counter set more compelling place to help improve the popularity of shopping malls and supermarkets highlights , which can be extended to a terminal display .

We look at how our jewelry display cabinets are designed ? What is its manufacturing process ?

First, make a model based on the drawings . Press manufacturing Showcase rough outline drawings , and then semi-finished polished showcase , surrounded by combat ground smooth . Touch the base oil, and supplemented on gray , and then paint . Spray primer first , then wait for the paint dry, then continue to play a second mill , and then manually scraping ash , OK then sprayed with relatively smooth finish. Such surfaces will showcase shiny shiny . And then loaded on the glass ;

Second, the illumination light production. Installation of lighting is a very important part, to fully understand the principles of color and light colored surfaces , by showing the effect of light , so place your jewelry layering up layer by layer ;

Third, the spatial layout design showcase . Exhibition space design and spatial structure is also very important.




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