How to do maintenance of the new glasses showcase

How to do maintenance of the new glasses showcase

How to do maintenance of the new glasses showcase



   To do maintenance of the new glasses showcase , since it is surrounded by another department residual glue , often scrub your course , these tools urban dissipated , gradually more and be more bright , especially acrylic plate appearance is a showcase it is more shining brighter . But aluminum plate to do a bit picky showcase it , scrub to be more careful, because it looks a thin layer of aluminum, it could easily be scratched , especially chassis Showcase, when taking chassis, pull got me , a few days put the appearance of aluminum zoned lose it , so everyone in the use of Showcase absolutely must be vigilant .
Showcase is a container used to display items. For example, glasses showcase, dressed Showcase, Showcase and other cosmetics , color gold, silver white , matte black, ocean red , gray and other colors. Sheng Peng Showcase has a significant eco-friendly wood, a special fire board , acrylic , crystal panels. Because some of the more valuable gold shelves , clothing, fine instruments, mobile phones and all sorts of commodities calculating machine , there is no firm standard, commodity demand and can credentials ground position , shape or shaped scales make Showcase . Glasses showcase exquisite surface , solid layout , easy disassembly, convenient transportation , the company showrooms, exhibitions, department stores, advertising , etc., crafts, gifts , jewelry , cell phones, eyeglasses , watches , tobacco , cosmetics and other industries throughout the use of .
Showcase placed back against the wall as opaque panels, optional cabinet surfaces with the same color , white is probably the mirror . Top can be mounted light boxes , cabinet optional fluorescent lights , spotlights , top with a light box . Height , width, length can use mediation credentials .
Showcase square glasses as often as four sides translucent glass properly to showcase jewelery , gold jewelery, watches, mobile phones and other small items , you can also show gifts , handicrafts, electronic products , pens , tobacco and other large items. To demonstrate the use of a variety of display cabinets , display cabinets groups layout otherwise accepted all removable parts can be installed , not to accept any kind of glue material , a screwdriver can complete showcase of disassembly. Easy disassembly , and transportation.



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