How to identify fake inferior steel display cabinet

How to identify fake inferior steel display cabinet

  Showcase shoddy steel folded easily emerge . Folding is composed of all ethnic groups in the name of a line of steel , this disadvantage is often longitudinally through the entire cargo. The reason is because the folding occurs shoddy manufacturers seeking high frequencies , but why the big reduction occurred ears , folding occurs on a rolling , folding cargo will crack after bending, the strength of steel big landing. Shoddy steel surfaces often have Pock scene. Pock is because the major groove of wear caused by the steel does not provide the name of the bump without shortcomings flat. Because shoddy steel manufacturers to seek cost , rolling groove emerged most often overstaffed . Shoddy steel nominal easily scarring occurs . There are zero reasons : 1. Shoddy steel material is not symmetrical, impurities . 2 . Shoddy material manufacturers guide and guard facilities humble , simple stick steel , the Department prone to scarring after the roll bite impurities .

  Under shoddy display cabinets containing impurities steel material , the density of steel happens to small and measured over a significant difference , because the situation is no vernier caliper , it can be stopped for weighing verification. For example, fingerprint steel 20 , the national standard rules maximum negative servants of 5%, while its length 9M single practice component of 120 kg , it should be the smallest component Showcase : 120X (l-5%) = 114公斤, weighed into the practice of a single component is smaller than 114 kg , it is shoddy steel, digital Showcase reason is that it goes beyond the 5% negative servants . Normally, the entire amount commensurate results would be better to consider the cumulative minor error probability theory and a score . Inside diameter measured shoddy steel


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