How to Open a Retail Cosmetics Store

How to Open a Retail Cosmetics Store



First thing you need is a plan, a business plan. You can find templates online to borrow from and in that plan make sure you have a budget. If you are applying for a loan you will need this to show that bank that you are worth the risk and how you plan to make your cosmetics store go. This is actually true with any new retail store.


Brands – You will want to decide want brands you will carry. Remember many of the major brands have either very large minimum orders or exclusive agreements that may limit you, so check it out first. For instance MAC cosmetics only sells from their stores or counters they own in major department stores, so you can’t carry their products, unless you buy them from surplus dealers and then you can’t advertise them since you are not an authorized distributer.


Location – As the saying goes location, location, location. Make sure you choose a high traffic area that is easy to get too. People don’t like to cross in busy intersection, seriously! You may think it is ideal, but be sure that it easy to get to and has parking for your customers. Also look at the rental cost versus buying the property and whether or not the rent has be increasing to quickly. You may also want to make sure to get a 1 year lease versus a longer term, so that you can evaluate the success of your makeup store.


Finally, advertising. No one is going to know you are ready to do makeovers or sell them some sizzling eyeliner, if you don’t advertise. Be creative! Advertise in local college papers, write a press release for the paper and local publications, donate products to women’s charity events. Try as much free advertising as you can and then work small amounts into your budget to bring up the awarness. TV and radio can be expensive, because frequency is needed to catch the viewers. Network at local events and make your business know for the lastest cosmetics. Try to get local cosmeticians to refer their clients and offer them big discounts.

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