How to pay attention to showcase maintenance

How to pay attention to showcase maintenance

How to pay attention to showcase maintenance



   Today, many wood display cabinet in the factory through a rigorous drying process , but that does not mean that you can not always be moisture treatments. Small advice , solid wood display cabinet use special cleaning agents for maintenance , can be uniformly coated with a protective wax or specialized cleaners furniture surface , then gently wipe ; or furniture surface with absorbent paper stickers moisture . If our showcase is exposed to rain or flood damage are not careful , then we first thought is to go out in the sun , this is indeed a common and effective way to showcase the sun schedule is necessary , this is not only showcase dehumidification , can prevent some beetles on display cabinet infringement . If there is moist and display cabinets have been infringed , what remedies do we have ? Of course, in the heart of the designer showcase , long as you want a good solution to these problems.
    Showcase located in the ground sprinkle some lime or some desiccant can also be an effective moisture. Use some of the precautions when installing on more practical , and in just the best display cabinets installed in a display cabinet for each mat tiles , so you can play the effect of moisture , especially in the rainy season when . To select a relatively dry wood materials , as if in such a dry environment until the moisture evaporates completely after that we will make a good showcase cracks and distortions deformation , which is not what we want to see, even we sold out, customers will be required to refund to influence a brand ‘s reputation , and secondly, easy to lose and old customers !
    When the paint must not let the display cabinets prolonged sun exposure, but also to pay attention to when the display cabinet paint finish at the end of the interval to be a bit longer , do not worry , if you find the paint surface blistering , we have to re- polish , and then follow the painting new painting process . Until the display cabinet is not a problem. In that regard, we should also pay attention to the paint in the paint with when we try to add some easy to do , and those evaporating temperature resistant material easy . In the course of transportation , we have to pay attention , try to choose relatively cool in the morning or evening delivery period be , do not be in the sun very strong delivery period , so to avoid prolonged sun exposure sun Showcase .



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