How to plan the location

How to plan the location

Shenzhen Unique is a professional factory to do the kiosks,including food kiosk,food cart,mail kiosks,eyebrow kiosks,teeth whitening kiosks,cosmetic display kiosks,jewelry display kiosk,etc.Now,i will introduce you for the nail kiosk,they have long term relationship with LAKA,and they will make 30 sets nail kiosks every month,so,full experiences instored.


    For the nail kiosk planning,you should take the chair size,pedicure chair size and display size,etc,to make it suitable,you should know every size clearly,so to make a perfect design and nail kiosk.

This is an example for you to show it:

    The chair showed with wheels is about 25”.Also need space to move.The pedicure chair was 34”.We have smaller chair,no wheels,just as showed in the LAKA,the size is 18”

(25”+9”)*4+(34”+8”)+18”=196”(18”was for the display cabinet)



    In this example,if you are 15′,i suggest you to choose the the last two,and different size will have different situation.Just feel free to tell us your style and requirements,we will suggest you the best layout and plannings.





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