How to purchase food furniture

How to purchase food furniture

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Shenzhen Unique furniture Ltd. is food furniture manufacturer for 7 years.  Our professional design team will try our best to desing your unique food furniture.


Firstly, we need know the food furniture which consists of food cart and food kiosk.

Generally speaking, we suggest you choose food kiosk in mall and choose food cart in street.


And then, our quotation is based on the different size and style. For example:

1. Stainless steel material is used in outdoor food cart

2. Plywood covered with fire-proof laminate is used in mall food kiosk

3.Contertop: man-made stone countertop is more expensive than laminate’s

4.There is a differnce in price between diferent size:

   please tell me your accurate mall/shop size so that some prices and suitable advice can be given.


So, that’s why the same product photos have different quotation.


If you have any questions, please tell me freely.

Carrie Tan

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