How to put cosmetic display cabinets

How to put cosmetic display cabinets

Many cosmetics shop first opened or cosmetics counters friends do not know how kind of regulation of their own stores . Below small brief look at some of the principles and cosmetic considerations placed :

Regulation of the cosmetics shop principles:

1 From the consumer ‘s point of view the test filter placement Showcase cosmetics , as well as the height of the cosmetics counters ;

(2) by brand perspective , the establishment of stores mark , posters increase publicity ;

3 personalized embellishment , highlighting the store features , increase consumer brand , shop impression ;

Showcase cosmetics display Note:

1 According shop location to determine the placement of cosmetics display cabinets way ;

(2) the entire store visual permeability, let the consumer can see the size of your store and products ;

3 eye-catching brand Peugeot ;

4 focus bright .

5 . Cosmetic patchwork display to showcase more effectively improve brand quality


Sunny Chen

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