How to sell kiosks

How to sell kiosks

How to sell kiosks

With the competiton of kiosk market,more and more suppliers attended in.Unique was also thinking about the question,although they have more than 7 years experiences.

The main products are food kiosk,salon kiosk,jewelry display,cosmetic display,food cart,exhibition booth,kitchen cabinets,etc.

About the kiosk selling,The first thing to focus on is to attract the customer close to the RMU without going to get them in the hallways. The best way to do this is to have a spectacular display.

If it’s colorful, interactive and creates interest, the customer will come to you. Once the customer is in your “sphere” then you can concentrate on making eye contact with

the customer, and not having an overly rehearsed script. You need to sound sincere, and listen to the customer. If you sound like you are rushed, or just not paying attention,

the customer will sense that they are not important. Make each customer feel as if he or she is the only one, and then show the product. But first, grab their attention with a

 visual presentation that gets them intrigued.

More specifications and design examples needed,pls feel free to tell us

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