Identification of the type of furniture

Identification of the type of furniture

1 / solid wood furniture

a / traditional solid wood furniture in general to file material , sheet , mortise structure combination , after forming the individual is not easy to haul large , mahogany furniture now still inherited this traditional practice . This practice , productivity is low, narrow transport radius , is not conducive to factory production, it is generally in the major manufacturers rarely adopted .

b / plate modern wood furniture – because of inferior materials with superior , long- short material used , the maximum utilization of resources, the narrow width of the material used , the cost minimization principle , the use of modern technology for the production of the timber means a fight followed made of plastic timber . At the same time the need for mass production and long-distance transport , modern wood furniture came into being , which is mainly reflected in the furniture pieces performed by the connection parts production . Meanwhile, some manufacturers in order to make the surface of the plate is more beautiful, beautiful textures will use other excellent material to dig into thin wood cladding . Such practice is called modern plate of solid wood furniture.

Pros: Durable , clear and beautiful wood grain , engender a feeling close to nature . If the use of adhesives and coatings manufacturers can meet the requirements of environmental protection , which is environmentally friendly furniture made of any other material that can not be compared .

Disadvantages : The paint on timber furniture made long after the time of the backlight to see there may be some waves at the splice -like texture , and feel not very obvious. This is inconsistent with the density of the wood core material and sheet material and the degree of drying each piece of wood formed inconsistency is a physical change , but definitely does not affect product quality.

2 / imitation wood furniture

Imitation wood furniture manufacturers to reduce costs, but to make it look to achieve the effect of solid wood furniture and a practice adopted . Its approach is surrounded by border using logs, core material with a particleboard or MDF ( imitation wood furniture, the main consideration is the cost , so more than 95% of the core material are used particleboard ) and then both sides covered with various types of wood surfaces .

Advantages : low cost while both the appearance of solid wood furniture .

Disadvantages : Because particleboard is made mostly using urea alcohol gel containing large amounts of formaldehyde , formaldehyde and plate stand in the natural air takes two years to fully released. In addition, because the physical properties of wood and particleboard completely different, a little longer in the particleboard and wood joints appear deformed or even broken. Once damp and particleboard , which will swell , affecting product quality.

 3 / veneer furniture

Veneer furniture is generally MDF or particleboard veneer coated on both sides , four surrounding is also a modern veneer furniture .

Pros: greater than the cost advantages of solid wood furniture , natural intimacy appearance of solid wood furniture , but not easily deformed.

Disadvantages : Because modern furniture MDF panels made of artificial , it did not have the sleek lines and all kinds of furniture like wood , so this type of furniture are almost always composed of geometric plates , angular lines and stiff. Moreover particleboard MDF as the use of waste wood are generally crushed , dried , pressed from plastic , environmental protection, moisture resistance , anti- dilation were significantly lower than solid wood furniture.

4 / sticker furniture

Stickers with furniture, veneer furniture base is substantially the same , except that the former is affixed to the surface of the veneer which is affixed to the wood paper and the like . But because the construction process and cost of paper and wood veneer were significantly lower than veneer furniture , so the lower cost, better than veneer furniture has the appearance of texture , so the sticker process is generally used mostly middle and low furniture production .

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