Introduce a few kinds of common eyebrow threading kiosks

Introduce a few kinds of common eyebrow threading kiosks

We all know different eyebrows from the same person feel different. Why so many people choose to change their eyebrow shape? Because good looking eyebrows will enhance your overall look. Now there are more and more eyebrow institutions. Big to professional shop, small to the mall kiosk. Only when there is a venue, there is technology to start the service of the eyebrow threading. Today i want to introduce the eyebrow threading of a few kinds of different types.

Ordinary quadrilateral kiosk

This is very common type. Most of eyebrow threading kiosk is all round wall encloses. Its appearance is smooth. Will put a light box picture commonly or stick a few back glue picture to serve as adornment. This type all have the same shape, the different is the kiosk’s size, color, the exterior decoration. Some kiosks have 2 doors. The  interior layout you can be based on your preferences and business.

Vertical bar display kiosk

This type is very popular. Its design is very special and fashionable. You can decide these vertical bar’s length and color. Different lengths seems to have a sense of design and it’s not too monotonous. We can intersperse advertising boards or glass display racks between the vertical bars The external shape of the kiosk can also be round. Whatever the shape, it can use vertical bars to make the kiosks.Let’s other different shape vertical bars kiosks.

Glass display kiosk with top

This type is different from others. Other design is to take mirrors working area and rest area commonly. The glass shows very little. Even if there is a glass, it’s only on the side to display the products. But this type looks more like a jewelry display. Its mirror was independent and with posters on the back. Top is a few illumine shoot the lamp. The actual picture of this model is very beautiful. If you don’t want the light near the mirror, you can choose this type.

Split kiosk

This type is not the common type. But still have some people use it. So i will just mention it by the way. This type is not linked together as a whole. It is four separate individuals. But they belong to the same kiosk. This type increases the space for activity. Make the kiosk look bigger. We don’t confine ourselves to a small space.It can flow in all directions.

Above several types, is there any style you like?If you have your favorite type, you can tell me, we can according to your size and requirements to design a new one. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

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