Introduce a specially shaped eyebrow threading kiosk

Introduce a specially shaped eyebrow threading kiosk

Mall kiosk is a very popular products. We can see them in every mall,and kiosk also have many types. Such as food kiosk, cellphone kiosk or jewelry kiosk etc. The reasons for it’s popularity are well known. It’s in a good position, shopping mall have many people every days. So if you have a kiosk in the mall, it can bring you a lot of customers. But it also depends on what kind of kiosk is it, it has to be very attractive. It can catch customer’s eyes. Then, how to make an attractive kiosk? Today i have a reference want to share with you. That’s a eyebrow threading kiosk. Its design are very beautiful, different for other normal mall kiosk. Let’s look at its design first.

It have 3 work seats in it. The semi-curved design allows guests to be in a separate space. so each seats don’t see the people around. It can give customer sense off security. Seem from above. It is shaped like a flower petal. Other side is waiting area,cashier desk and sink. The surface of the rest chair is a sofa. This chair have many storage, you can put your products or other things in it. The decoration of outside is white stripe design. 2 side is light box poster, and the medium part is glass display, it can show the nail polish or some beauty products. Working area right side have a tower, at the top is a round picture of light box. You can put your logo or the advertising pictures.It will very obvious and beautiful. Do you like this design? We are not just design it, we also can production it. If you want to make a kiosk, you can find us. We will design an attractive kiosk to you. Let’s look at our workmanship. You can see the production process and the real photos.

This kiosk made of MDF and baking paint. In terms of surface finish,our baking paint is better than other people, this craftsmanship looks really very nice. We can make it the same as the design pictures. But it looks more real and bigger, luxury.The bottom we sets up the white lights.It can increased its presence. For production, we got a lot of good feedback by our customers. Because of the craftsmanship, we’ve done a lot of amazing kiosks. If you don’t know our company, i can also introduce you our company. Hope you can remember.

Our company is Shenzhen unique furniture limited. We are professional mall kiosks and shop furniture manufacturer, have more than 10 years wok experience. We are export company, we ship many products all over the world and have many customers. Our main export countries are American,British, Canada and Australia etc. Of course and many other countries. Anyway, we can ship to anywhere, whatever where you are. Our working process is design first. Tell me your requirements about the design. Such as style, color and size. Send me your logo, then we will according to your ideas to design it. Design time is 3-4 days. When finish the design, we will sent to your confirm, if no problem. We can start the production. You need to pay 50% to start this production. And 50% balance payment before shipment. When the payment is fully confirmed, we will arrange the shipment. If you have your own forwarder, you can ask him come for our factory to pick up the goods directly. This is our working process, if you have any question, welcome to consult.

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