Introduction of Shenzhen Unique

Introduction of Shenzhen Unique

   Shenzhen Unique Furniture was founded in 2006 , Shenzhen unique is the only house professional design, production specifications , network sales of high-end commercial furniture manufacturer . Committed to providing customers tailored style , avant-garde fashion, covering all personalized Business Showcase style elements. Our main design store counter , various counters, checkout , jewelry showcase, jewelry store design and decoration , cosmetic showcase, Mobile Showcase , garments showcase, jewelry showcase, showcase arts and crafts , gifts showcase, supermarket showcase, food showcase, clothing Showcase, wood and steel structure assembly showcase, furniture stores and other shops supporting the overall shaped Showcase.

    Process covers carpentry , paint , metal, stainless steel , iron , acrylic , etc., unique style, fashion , personalized management philosophy, a standardized production processes, advanced technology and equipment , so fashionable and unique , skilled and meticulous, reasonable price fair , fast delivery time, welcome to the needs of customers to inquire, or to plant inspection.

    Company Features :

1 , fine showcase selection is heightening light paint MDF , with stainless steel , acrylic and other materials, superimposed lighting effects to make your shop have ups and splendid elements.

2 , boutique shelves , showcase, high-grade appearance , simple simple , display cabinets inside , light and easy to replace , but also easy to maintain , fully enhance your product image, brand image , corporate image , as you build a better product stage show.

3 , display cabinet light, no electromagnetic interference , can be used in the NMR experiments display cabinets, display cabinets radar control experiments , such as electromagnetic shielding requirements of special display cabinet ; showcase light materials can be reused, saving investment, the full reach environmental requirements.

4, there is no fixed standard, arbitrary shape, each component can be flexible splitting and installation. This product has a variety of colors . Ever-changing style , the overall effect elegant design masters do not mind , informal secular , work well, is the exhibition, shopping malls, stores showcase the best of furniture , according to commodity demand and ground position , do a standard shape or shaped Showcase.

5 , the eco-friendly wood materials, with a special fire board with a variety of decorative materials and glass to fight the system, Showcase emitting device can be placed in hard to reach the position of non-professionals , it has anti- destructive and security.

6 , free overall design store , the most popular elements of the most cutting-edge fashion , let your shop unique style. Direct business is booming factories, welcome to sample custom map , more joy to visit the plant.

7 , Showcase internal light source , no UV , infrared light , can reduce artifacts, textiles, damage to certain items , such as chemicals ; Tips: Shenzhen gifted Nick is a professional furniture brand counters and the extension of services in one professional companies, hi-tech park located in Longgang District , has advanced production equipment, is specialized in the famous image counters , stores stores, commercial display props production enterprises , the company can help provide graphic design requirements depending on the brand , 3D renderings drawings, as you make a unified brand image and fashion store shelves , showcase, sound corporate image , to complete the construction of a shopping center and a large area of restaurants, cafes , clothing stores and the amount of layout design decoration . Make your brand to win higher economic efficiency in the market .

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