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Food kiosk for sale, customzied ice cram service kiosk design in New York

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Custom food kiosk for ice cream service kiosk in Australian


We are Unique kiosk manufacturer,as an expert of kiosk.we will provide valuable information to our friend in the regular.


Today ,i will talk about ice cram kiosk service station.

As we know ice cream and roll ice cream with waffle becoming more and more popular in America,United Kingdom ,China and Australia.Because it can satisfy our taste and it is very convenient.No matter where you are ,outdoor or shopping mall , the food kiosk station and juice bar kiosk ,roll ice cram kiosk are everywhere.

Many people enjoy cooking for other people and would love to provide their delicious recipes to others for profit.Sadly,it take a lot of money and management to run a restaurant ......

Here have a way can help you become to a boss.

1,asking mall manager to get a space from mall.

2,It is easy to get customers when you are in mall.

3,Variety of opportunities to serve food ,snacks,roll ice cream,

3,You can earn a substantial income operating a food service kiosk.

4,Build a name or brand for yourself ,grow into a larger,more profitable business.

5,no employees,just few employees needed.


No matter you prior business experience ,goals ,or current location,purchasing a kiosk and setting up shop is a good way to achieve great thing in your life.

The benefits above are only a handful of the many that you can enjoy as business owner.

What are you waiting for ?

Dreams are coming true!

Here a mall kiosk for sell roll ice cram ,juice bar ,bubble tea and smoothie for reference;

This kiosk made by Shenzhen Unique furniture ltd in China ,shipped to USA use in Simon mall.

The kiosk of size is 4000*4000*2400MM

How do you think about this design? Did you like it or want to change it for yourself?


Help i can offer more info and help you finished your kiosk . 

Claire at here waiting for you message.

Phone 008613632792639


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