Japanese media: China not invited to Japan to participate in a naval review in Qingdao rude cited di

Japanese media: China not invited to Japan to participate in a naval review in Qingdao rude cited di

Japanese media: China not invited to Japan to participate in a naval review in Qingdao rude cited dissatisfaction with the United States

Japan’s Kyodo News March 30 news quoted the Japanese Defense Ministry officials said, to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Navy, the Chinese Navy will invite countries in the region in late April international naval ship-style reading held in Qingdao, but did not invite the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force . Kyodo analysts believe the move was intended to focus on the Diaoyu Islands issue with China opposing Japan excluded.

Reading is an important part of a naval navy culture. April 23, 1949, the White Horse Temple Taizhou in Jiangsu Province People’s Liberation Army announced the establishment of the East China Military Navy. April 23 each year thereafter, the Chinese Navy will celebrate, but the scale is not large. 2009 China established the first anniversary of the Navy as Navy Day and the 60th anniversary of the People’s Navy held a naval review in a certain area of the Yellow Sea, is China held its first reading ship type.

While reading festival held in the Chinese navy ship type, "Western Pacific Naval Symposium" will be held in Qingdao, the Navy summit of the Asia-Pacific region more than 20 countries will attend the forum, the Japanese Maritime aides river wild Katsutoshi also plans to attend. Reported that the Western Pacific Naval Symposium preparatory meeting in mid-January 2014, held in Nanjing, the Japanese side pointed out that "not invited to Japan to participate in international activities is a rude way", but China countered that "the West Pacific Forum and the People’s Navy 65th anniversary of the establishment of reading-ship style are two different things, "refused to send invitations.

Western Pacific Naval Symposium in 1987 under the initiative of the United States and its allies set up to promote pragmatic cooperation between the Member States Navy , enhance understanding and mutual trust , and jointly safeguard regional maritime security . Equal dialogue forum , free discussion , the principle of voluntary bid , the annual meeting of the working group , professional seminars and sea military exercise four levels of activity . Which will be held every two years in the working group will be held once a year , has so far held 13 annual meeting , the working group will be 23 . Since its inception, the status of maritime security cooperation in the region continues to improve, expanding, various professional seminars under the framework of the forum , drill exercises gradually increased from the original 12 member states develop 21 , has become the region one of the most important maritime security cooperation mechanism of . China, as one of the founding members of the forum and actively participate in the forum activities at all levels , and to participate in the forum related technical documents , system development and revision of the Articles of Association . 2014 was the first time China hosted the forum .

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense concerned parties, invited to participate in a naval review in the United States on China’s response to expressed displeasure, the United States is considering the cancellation sent warships to participate. 2009 60th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Navy ship reading ceremony, the U.S. Navy had sent a "Arleigh Burke" class "Fitzgerald" destroyer ship to participate in international reading style, and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force did not participate in the 2009‘s Chinese navy ship type reading section.


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