Jewelry display cabinet in the hall of demand

Jewelry display cabinet in the hall of demand

1 space design dress dress brand positioning , jewelry showcase of design quality , as well as popular features are the indirect effects extending into the space image.

2 The role of functional space design indirect impact of space services .

3 stores designed to improve the situation and to reflect the brand’s style. And can be good for integration, which indirectly affect the success or failure of jewelry showcase brand management .

4 Joint indirect impact dressed space design philosophy and design of the spatial positioning.

5 detailed site survey and the business side survey to showcase the spatial location and building structures , facilities ( heaven, earth , walls, columns , lighting, ventilation , access, stairs, etc. ) hardware environment characteristics . This is designed to showcase the effective use of space plane and the display of goods to attract customers and showcase the brand image , provide a design basis .

6 and operators to study design features and brand image characteristics Showcase of reference , comparing design ideas and creativity, whether Harmony ( theme color, lighting illuminance and color temperature ) , whether the visual impact, the proposal put forward and showcase program of convergence


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