Jewelry display cabinet work must pay attention to moisture

Jewelry display cabinet work must pay attention to moisture

Because of the season, most likely showcase damp , it is particularly important in particular moisture jewelry display cabinet work . In designing jewelry display cabinet can be installed at the bottom of the foot can be adjusted so that the cabinet bottom and ground to produce a certain space , effectively reducing contact with the ground due to damp counter . For customers with special requirements , we can put some moisture in the bottom of the tank material , but also sprinkle some lime and other desiccant. Our everyday cleaning work, try not to use a wet rag to wipe MDF part display , to do regular cleaning , dust will rarely , the workload will be very low.

Secondly, we are more wet weather in the South , and the rainy weather , especially in the rainy season , the rain is about a few days , sometimes even dozens of days , which greatly increases the likelihood of damp display , we can choose in the sun weather, open the windows ventilation , conditions , and can display moving sun , fully dried water vapor , which can effectively dehumidify , but also debugging , do both.

With a moisture-proof items. Such as charcoal, lime crafted packet , these things can be moisture, but also adsorption of harmful gases , really serve two purposes . And when the weather was fine until the charcoal and lime , drying time can use it again. Low cost, good effect.

Showcase the production process of the display rack , but also pay attention to pest control and other wood , although wood is treated , the chance is very low infestation , but also regular checks to prevent such cases, losses to the enterprise .




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