Jewelry&watch display showcases

Jewelry&watch display showcases

Jewelry&watch display showcases:

Jewelry&watch display showcase has multi-functional usage.It can be used to display luxury jewelry,watch,accessories,etc.

Its main materials:Environmental MDF,High gloss baking paint,International standard safe and heatproof tempered glass,

acrylic logo,Energy saving LED stripe,High quality electroplating stainless steel and aluminum hardware.It is easy to assemble

and operate.High quality materials guarantee the longevity of the kiosk.It is durable and practical.As for the design,it has the

most unique appearance,because all the display showcases are customized.Or we can make a new 3D design based on the

model according to your demands.

[Maintenance]1.Avoid to be exposed to the sun for long time.Avoid using solvents,detergent and brush polish to clean the surface.

2.Do not place the display showcase close to somewhere wet 3.Easy to clean.Surface’s dust can be easily erased when using a

 soft towel.The display showcase has strong environmental adaptability. 4. If there is dust exist on the surface of the display

 showcase .You can use cleaning cloth to wipe dirt.

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