Judge the quality of the glasses display cabinet

Judge the quality of the glasses display cabinet

From the details of the judgment of the quality of the glasses display cabinet

From the detail view, judge the quality of the glasses display cabinets following main points :
    1, see Edge : The distinction between large-scale manufacturers of display cabinets and a small workshop production of display cabinets, the most important thing is to see the display cabinet edge . Large manufacturers use modern equipment , the use of high temperature and pressure sealing , neat appearance after sealing securely to avoid damage to water and gas for long-term use of display cabinets , display cabinets can make more durable .
    2 , see Hardware: In order to place one of the items in order, it is necessary to help achieve the goal of some metal parts , such as for corner cabinets mounted rotating disc , push-pull lockers separate racks . Good display cabinet and cabinet body is metal accessories , eyewear display cabinet doors perfect combination , when used to open and close freely, no noise , can withstand thousands of times the switch without deformation damage.
    3 , sealing design : table has added a special seal design allows easy to fall into the water table display cabinet body , but also to ensure that cabinets can demonstrate long-term use.
    4 , glasses showcase environmentally friendly materials is very important , mainly used on plates, countertops and sealing adhesive. These materials have to meet environmental requirements. Which sheet formaldehyde emission standards need to use artificial plates, and countertops to fire board and artificial stone is a better choice .


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