Kep piomts for display showcase/kiosk choosing

Kep piomts for display showcase/kiosk choosing

Kep piomts for display showcase/kiosk choosing

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    Along with development of commercial, recent years, display showcase/kiosk lines are booming. Here are some key points for display showcase/kiosk choosing.

    1.  Discriminate display showcase/kiosk manufacturing materials

     For different kiosks manufacture, the materials are different, like solid wood, Plywood, MDF.

     Display showcase structure is rational or not. Whether Structure and decomposition is rational or not can affect its installation, replacement and firmness.

     Moisture content should not be over 12%

     Moisture content of display showcase/kiosk should be too high. Generally, it should be limited within 12%. If it is too high, the wood will bends and deforms. For common consumers, during purchasing, without test instruments, can use hand to touch, the under-side or places without paint inside. If it is wet or got moisture, it means the moisture content is over normal standard. And the wood is useless. Another method is to spread some water on the wood, where is not painted. If the water do not disappear or disappear very slow, it means the moisture content is a little bit high.

    2.  Some Tips of display showcase/kiosk

     Wall-leaning display showcase/kiosk, during manufacture the back board is light-proof. The color should choose colors that match with the appearance of display showcase/kiosk, like white, mirror.

     Top can be equipped with lightbox panel.

      For inside light, T5 and spotlight are available.

      Height of the top lightbox is about 2.2m.

      For display showcases/kiosks, height under 1.8m, are not suitable for top lightbox installation.

      Normal width is 350mm, if it is used for large volume good display, the width should be changed to 400mm.


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