Koreas latest situation?

Koreas latest situation?



Drastic changes in the international situation, the two Koreas imminent war today, Democratic People’s Republic honored once again to the world that it is a solemn warning ???? Once Korea to join "the Proliferation Security Initiative," North Korea is considered to be "a declaration of war bulletin" will take tough measures to deal with , three tough measures will be placed in front of the world: first, North Korea will follow the previous shows, the Republic of Korea to join the "Proliferation security Initiative" as a "declaration of war bulletin." In this case, if someone take a ship to the DPRK, including interception, inspection, etc., hostile behavior, shall be deemed a violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK, the DPRK will be a powerful military strike immediately.


Second, given that South Korea joined the United States condoned "Proliferation Security Initiative" violated "the Korean Armistice Agreement," abandoned the responsibility of the signatories of the armistice, North Korea will no longer be bound by the Armistice Agreement. In the case of the armistice ineffective, the Korean peninsula will soon return to a state of war, the Korean army to take military action. Third, the current North Korean military can not guarantee the legal status of the military demarcation line in the sea waters of the DPRK‘s territorial waters northwest side of the island of South Korea 5, while South Korea can not guarantee the safe navigation of ships and vessels in general these islands surrounding waters.


Once again the attention of the world gathered in Korea. Shortly after the DPRK satellite launch situation , the nuclear explosion mushroom cloud and followed rises, followed by a more resolute will of the DPRK – Exit " Korean Armistice Agreement " signed in 1953 . For a time, the Korean Peninsula, where to go , have the attention of the international community . Some experts believe that this is just North of intimidation and blackmail , but I prefer to believe that this is a solemn warning North Korea , Mao -style warnings , a warning to those hostile countries , do not deceive too quickly, otherwise all the consequences. Do not get me improper rations Korea , North Korea do not take my words as a trifling matter , I am of the Korean people are his words , the red line I have to give you a good plan , it is best not to try luck , otherwise it will be devastating consequences, not your death is my death, DPRK has made adequate preparations. Fifty years later, the Korean peninsula can not continue to go on like this , it is the end of the current situation of the time. Democratic People have the confidence and determination to accomplish this historic task. So we see a series of actions North Korea today , is so decisive, resolute and confident.


Some would therefore criticize North Korea , blaming it despite opposition from the international community – in fact, opposed to United States, Japan and Western capitalist countries only – own way , is a rogue acts. But I want to advise these people , first shut your filthy mouth , if you are still a patriot if you love the country you think , fifty years of blockade , threats , intimidation, obstruction replaced us, how can we do ? Are on their knees and linger alive, still proudly stand in the world to struggle with self -esteem , even if it is dead , but also to die upright , die very touching . If you choose the former , then please continue to curse – of course , this is without prejudice to the DPRK , the DPRK is growing up in condemning , it will not be Masi ; If you choose the latter, then please you gave an understanding and support , which is beneficial to the DPRK, make them feel they are no longer alone will increase their morale, self-esteem to make them able to live longer . Save a life , build a seven Budo . Buddha , is to give us the number of the temple , Praise !

A country does not harm any other country, a country of more than 50 years in the civil war and the reunification of the country, why should we subject the world no, a joint invasion of Western countries? Reunification of the country is wrong? North Korea‘s right, wrong interests. Fifty years ago, the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed in disgrace if not the U.S. military’s Inchon landing, why today’s world there is a "Korea"? North Korea has already completed the great cause of reunification; Today, fifty years later, North Korea was still alive in shame. Send a satellite to prevent hair, not to shoot a missile shot, not to explode a nuclear bomb explosions, their affairs, their own home when not, have to fend for themselves by one each consisting of five parties of interest so-called "six-party talks" to the decision-making their own internal affairs, alas, sad indeed, deceptive too quickly also! Hexagonal, the five parties missiles everywhere,
Do not let me erected missiles themselves whenever they threatened to bomb back to the Paleolithic others countries, but does not allow others to develop nuclear weapons in the world can there be such a reason? Own satellite everywhere, like when sent on when to send, monitor who want to monitor whoever I send a satellite, but like a mad dog to come clamoring to shoot down it, but also kept a military threat. Well, you threaten it, the more you threaten, the more I fight, this is the man‘s true character. Why should I listen to you, even if you are better than me, I have an anti-anti-you; Even if you are a stone, I was eggs, and you have nudged me, even if broken, but also live in this thin layer of the shell, not to mention you are not a stone, you just seem a little bigger than my eggs, just a paper tiger. These before and after satellite launch you on the already poor performances proved idiots

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