Large Mall Booth Style Kiosk

Large Mall Booth Style Kiosk

Large Mall Booth Style Kiosk

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Unique mall kiosk ideas and designs for your business.

Designed to be placed in the interior of a mall. The booth kiosk provides a 4 sided structure in a tasteful and visual appealing way.  Privacy is key in the styling of this kiosk which also amounts to a beckoning call to enter. This new concept brings a whole new realm of offerings. Clothing, fitting, dentistry and optometrist booth concepts will flourish with these semi permanent kiosks within the mall.

The custom retail display inside the kiosk is that of a mall clothing store and the booth kiosk displaycontains shelving, changing rooms and a point of sale (POS). Hi key directional display lighting is strategically placed throughout this “booth kiosk” structure to give rise and attention to special products, promotions and quick sale items. There are changing rooms, a locking POS desk for important receipts, waterfall bars for hanging clothing and colorful sights throughout.

Signage and hi-res LCD displays can be added to this unit set your mall business apart from the rest. The unit above is meant as a general guide for your mall application which can be modified in size, colour or design.

 This  booth style of kiosk is a retail or service/information style vending unit. Floor to ceiling slat-wall on 3 sides for maximum retail presentation.  One side has a point of sale station contained therein. This kiosk is contained with plugs, lighting and locking storage.


Date: 8, Mar. 2014
Name: Lucia Yang
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