light in our kiosk

light in our kiosk

Today, our key point is make our kiosk lightful!


1 tube lights: tube lights jeweler making jewelry appraisal must be used in the procurement of light, only suitable for jewelry store space lighting.


2 Diamond Light Halogen (4500K):. This is a relatively specialized diamond lighting lights. Light color is better, to better show the color and cut charm. Compared with the general halogen lamp, it has certain advantages, used in jewelry lighting, it also has the problem can not be avoided, the same part of the multi-spectrum ultraviolet radiation powerful, easy to aging jewelry.


3 Metal Halide: brightness, high light efficiency. But the light is too harsh, poor color, easy to make diamond color distortion and aging, so does not apply to the jewelry counter and window lighting.




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4 Now as the technology matures, the unique effect of LED lighting has emerged, with a soft light without stimulation, abundant light color, small thermal radiation, easy to install hidden features, more suitable for jewelry display cabinet lighting. If they can be properly designed and illuminated objects organically, to replace the traditional lighting is inevitable.

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