Lighting requirements and attention to jewelry display cabinet

Lighting requirements and attention to jewelry display cabinet

Jewelry display cabinet lighting design is bright enough , jewelry display cabinet is generally used to display small pieces of exquisite objects , you can set spotlights or fiber optic lighting. Pay attention to light and color match. For example, gold jewelry cold cup can be used for lighting ; while Silver gemstone products or daylight cup can be used for lighting . Due to heat generation , heat treatment should be considered Showcase . If the cost of the project to allow use of fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, the advantage of the heat treatment does not give the cabinet.
Lighting designed around the principle of visible light but not light , highlighting the items on display . Jewelry display cabinet lighting to pay attention to two points:
( 1 ) bright enough . Of course, " enough" does not mean to say , the brighter the better. Some jewelry such as gold , platinum , pearls , etc., due to small size , it requires illumination is high enough , 2000lx can ; and some jewelry such as jade , crystal , etc., the emphasis is on soft illumination does not have to be too high.
( 2 ) reflect the characteristics . Gold , pearls and other jewelry entirely by reflecting fiber , the light incident stress direction , so that the reflection of the " bright spot " to stimulate the customer’s eyes ; jade, crystal, jewelry and other exquisite translucent texture , we should pay attention to the light.


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