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Eyebrow Bar Kiosk

Eyebrow Bar Kiosk For Sale - Most popular kiosk design for eyebrow threading , eyelash kiosk and waxing bar.

Eyebrow bar kiosk is more and more popular in shopping mall now , why is that ? because people become more focus beautiful looks , eyebrow which is the first thing , of course many ladies also like doing facial cosmetics spa or eyelash and brow tinting, this make the brow threading a very good business , but if you want to involve in this business , you need a place and you need a kiosk or shop ,before that you have some important things to do.


Where to get a brow bar kiosk ?


Many people would like to choose a eyebrow bar nearby, but the cost for a kiosk is very high , today  i would like to introduce you a great kiosk supplier - UKS eyebrow bar kiosk , UKS is a professional mall kiosk designer and supplier in China , Our eyebrow bar kiosk can be used in eyebrow threading , eyelashes, brow tinting and waxing , not matter what type of business you want to service ,you can find the right nice looking brow bar here , Whats the most important thing is the quality is better but the price is less then half compare to get it form local ,why is that ?

Because UKS is based in shenzhen , the most developed city of China , we have mature industrial chain of hardware and accessories, On the contrary ,we have the lower labor and material cost ,make us has great advantage in kiosk building .Our mall used brow bar kiosk are in high quality and affordable cost, To get a brow bar waxing kiosk from UKS you will save much money and effort .

Now take a look at our design and works of threading bar kiosk we done before .

Eyebrow Bar Kiosk

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Are you ready to get a nice eyebrow bar kiosk from UKS ? before you get a kiosk the first step is to get a kiosk design and submit to shopping mall ,after they approve your brow bar and eyelash kiosk design ,you will allow to build it ,so here come the question :


How to get a eyebrow bar kiosk design?


You have been in a right place to find out the answer , UKS Providing free brow bar kiosk design service . Here Blow are the procedure of getting a nice looking brow bar kiosk design for sale.


 1,Tell us more Inform your requirement: size, color, material, layout, etc.
2 Design fee: $200-500 according to your store/shop size. It is better for you to provide us the store/shop floor plan.
3 Design finish time: 1-3 working days after design fee confirmed
4We will refund design fee to you when order is confirmed
5,three times free modify are allowed once the design finished


To get a eyebrow kiosk design UKS will also provide 3D illustration and detailed construction drawing, you will see clearly what material going to be used to build your kiosk and how your brow bar exactly look like before production .


We are specializing in making brow kiosk and waxing bar with brand identity and visual identity. We help our clients to communicate their core value, deliver the big picture to target audiences to ultimately achieve the objective ,make our clients a magnificent brow bar kiosk .


We believe that a fantastic brow bar  kiosk design is a solution driven by research and analysis to improve communication by creating the visual language. We can clearly understand our clients' situation and the purpose.  we will deliver creative solution align with the direction agreed in advance.

What are you waiting for ? find your phone give us a call on +86 135 10438034 .




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