Luxury design candy display kiosk in the mall

Luxury design candy display kiosk in the mall

Good morning, gentlemen and ladies. Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our company. After looking through our catalog, you should know what we do. Yup, we are a professional mall kiosk and shop furniture manufacturer. We can make furniture and mall kiosks in any shape. So if you have some ideas, you can contact us. OKK, today’s main character is the candy kiosk, let’s warmly invite it out.

The wood and metal frame make the kiosk look even more gorgeous. There are some big candy boxes on the counter. People can choose the candy they like while watching. A small refrigerator can be put in the kiosk. I may not be as good as what you see, so let’s look at some more pictures.


This kiosks we use the materials are MDF and stainless steel. The surface finish is baking paint. This kiosk looks very nice and the candy display effect is very good. You can also put your logo and the candy pictures. The size of this one is about 5x2m. But I know you’re interested in the price. Our price is based on the size, material, and style/ And no include the candy box. We all know the candy boxes are made of acrylic, and the cost of acrylic is high. We need to according to the boxes size to give you a price. So we usually only quote the price of the kiosk. If you want a candy box, please let us know. By the way, let us know the box size you want. Then we can give you the exact price.

After reading this article, I think you want to buy a candy kiosk. Is this the one you want? If not, don’t worry, click here: candy kiosks. You can see many kinds of candy kiosks, choose the one you like and send it to us. We will design a similar one for you. Your inquiry is welcome.

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