Maintenance glasses display cabinet glass parts cleaning

Maintenance glasses display cabinet glass parts cleaning

  1, the daily clean glasses display ark, can wipe with a wet towel or newspaper, do not force to wipe the glass surface.Avoid hard scratch, if encounter stains can use towel to fill beer or warm vinegar wipes, also can use to sell on the market at present the glass cleaner, avoid is used a strong acid alkali cleaning solution, that will surface corrosion, deterioration in transparency.2 the dumb cloth, use plastic wrap, and spray detergent also can let often oily home textile exhibition shelves "rebirth".First of all, will be fully sprayed glass cleaner, with plastic wrap, solidifying oil to soften, avoid liquid often leave surface;If the surface is without special treatment of log furniture, so long time of reside fluid such as water, alcohol can make the furniture to leave white marks.So "furniture surface fluid collection, must immediately wipe clean, dry, after a few minutes, removing the plastic wrap, with cloth is wiped can. If you want to keep the glass clean and bright, must often clean, glass

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