Maintenance of Cosmetic display cabinets

Maintenance of Cosmetic display cabinets

Maintenance of Cosmetic display cabinets

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Showcase as the facade of a major sales tool, yet beautiful and elegant, beautiful lady plus the counter, like a bad business is immune, but the showcase of aging can really make me worry, Mimi cosmetics display cabinets every day
A certain degree of aging, but how to extend the life of display cabinets is really a big problem.

Here to teach you cosmetics display props – how to care for display cabinets?

1 Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so the surface with glue, etc. Showcase hurt. Avoid using solvents and strong cleaning agents, polishing agents handling the surface.

2 Do not put Showcase placed closer to a place away from the water to prevent moisture absorption after Showcase Showcase deformation caused by cosmetics, mildew.

3 easy to clean, modest facilities with a soft towel can ever remove dust surface, strong environmental adaptability of the product, generally do not need to deliberately maintenance.

4 When Showcase surface stained with dirt, use a clean cloth to gently wipe the water wrung, or with a special paint surface cleaner according to instructions.


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