Maintenance of jewelry display cabinet

Maintenance of jewelry display cabinet

[Maintenance] Showcase: display cabinets and furniture as also need careful care and maintenance.

1. of the most critical elements of the anti-damp jewelry display cabinets, because all the cabinet made of MDF, MDF in humid environments prone to deform after absorb moisture, mildew, softening and other accidents. So put the jewelry away from water sources Showcase Showcase must not be flooded, should be placed in dry and ventilated environment.

 2. jewelry display cabinets to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid discoloration paint Showcase, Showcase reduce life cycle. 3 For routine cleaning of soft cloth dampened with clean water and gently wipe dry after water twist or with a special paint surface cleaner according to instructions. 4 When the lamp replacement jewelry showcase, please be sure to turn off the power of professional staff with replacement.


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