Making light box display cabinet design

Making light box display cabinet design

Making light box display cabinet design



   When the display cabinets produced generally have light box design , how to design boxes also display cabinet designer and client issues are most concerned about , because these images are also major advocacy role to play , and when the light box display light boxes will eventually be how to choose? Boxes are usually produced using double acrylic, adding that the inside surface of the transparent milky white acrylic, sandwiched between the screen , such an approach is not only easy to replace the screen, more conducive to cost savings. Of course, there are relatively simple production method is direct layer acrylic, surface mount adhesive screen or behind the screen posts in transparent acrylic , the drawbacks of this approach is not conducive to the screen replaced, so now rarely operated .
    If it is the big picture , there is no way this operation , such as non-standard 2 m * 3 meters of the screen, because the standard size acrylic is not so large, if not realistic custom acrylic , this approach is usually better to use direct screen , while eliminating the need for acrylic, which is called the linked picture , which is usually the practice of making non-standard light box , then select the screen material must meet the standards.
    In the display cabinet there is a relatively high-end design is also used more super- wave light box is a very thin thickness of such boxes , usually about 2 cm thickness , and are very easy to replace the screen , move the location , etc. in particular crystal slim light box , not only outside of these benefits , the most important is very beautiful , and display cabinets with them is quite significant level . The only downside is that the relatively high price of such boxes , the general budget of the better brands would choose such a light box.


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