mall jewelry showcase’s characteristics

mall jewelry showcase’s characteristics

Mall jewelry showcase’s characteristics



    We often see mall jewelry showcase. Once we understand the mall jewelry showcase on a detailed understanding of the characteristics below

Jewelry Showcase is a container used to display jewelry, can be divided into glass, metal, wood material, jewelry display cabinet in the Pearl

Bao has been widely used in the jewelry industry. Jewelry display cabinet used not only to increase brand awareness, but also visual display products, improve sales performance. Shijiazhuang Jewelry Showcase has the following characteristics:

1, jewelry display cabinet itself shape and light design can enhance product image, brand image and corporate image.

2, jewelry showcase light materials can be reused, saving investment.

3, there is no fixed standard jewelry showcase, free molding, flexible splitting and installation. Ever-changing style, the overall effect of elegance.

4, jewelry display cabinet with internal light source, no UV, infrared light, can reduce damage to certain items, such as artifacts, textiles, chemicals.




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