Matt paint jewelry display cases design with remarkable price.

Matt paint jewelry display cases design with remarkable price.

Matters paint jewelry display cases when the construction is to be noted

Jewelry display counter design used in a relatively consistent with the public, but the design is not static, hard to design all kinds of jewelry in line with the company’s jewelry showcase, designed for everyone can be a good variety of styles of jewelry showcase. Jewelry counter does not just have to be very beautiful, but it must have its own value, that is to be able to provide a showcase for the jeweler, and only reached a very good display of jewelry reflects the real value of existence jewelry showcase, from the public point of view all adhere to design jewelry showcase, to be able to make to improve the company’s efficiency.

Here are some construction elements paint jewelry display cabinet:


A wooden surface contaminated construction specifications: When primary treatment, in addition to cleaning up the debris outside the grassroots, but also for local putty embedded complement, playing sandpaper when sanding down the wood before brushing the surface layer, the application of paint. piece (shellac) for greater color and lignans knots at the back cover. should be in the primary drying oil paint or clear poise, drying oil paint brush layer evenly to all parts of the times, not drain brush. base oil after dry, full-scraping putty first pass, dry sanding by hand, and then make high strength putty, putty wire to pick whichever does not fall when brushing the surface layer of paint should be polished with fine sandpaper.

2, edible vegetable oil brushing construction specifications: polished grass brushing varnish is an important step, first the wood surface dust, oil and other impurities cleaned more than minor dip to follow brushing, every little dip oil. ground operation, the brush along the request in accordance with the first on the lower, first tackling the difficult, first left and right, in the first order and method of operation outside the horizontal brush along the vertical construction.



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