MDF+baking paint wooden mall kiosk

MDF+baking paint wooden mall kiosk

In recent years, the rise of a wave of domestic and international high-end brands use stainless steel as showcase / Showcase Clothing material preferences. Showcase production of traditional and high-density material.Compared to wood,stainless steel have below disadvantages: 


1. Stainless steel showcase not easy to shape as MDF, fire-retardant board and hard wood.

2. Stainless steel showcase need longer manufacturing time.

3. higher cost compared showcase plate.

So,for some of the mall kiosk,we are better to use MDF+Baking paint,it looks good,and,for many mall kiosks,they only use 2 years or 1 year,then,change to an other place.So,we can use MDF+Baking paint.

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