Mobile counters with advices

Mobile counters with advices

When the phone with a long counter , there will be varying degrees impede the appearance of small problems , which we need to clearly know the phone counter routine maintenance and cleaning methods.

     Mobile counters Maintenance: No matter what kind of material are afraid of high temperature erosion, use should be taken to avoid direct contact with the cell phone counter kettles ; operation should try to avoid using sharp objects struck countertops , door to avoid scratches. Chemicals on the table there is a lot of material erosion , for example , stainless steel table salt is likely to rust stains , and therefore should be taken to avoid the usual lunch , snack and other food directly on the table ; mobile counter artificial sheet of water should be avoided stains long stay on the table .

     Mobile counters cleaning methods : Countertops artificial stone, fireproof board , stainless steel, natural stone , wood and other materials , different materials have different cleaning methods. Artificial stone and stainless steel counters do not use the phone hard scouring pad , chemicals wipe or wash steel brushing , use a soft towel , soft scouring pad to clean with water or wipe with a brightener , otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion ; wipe with a damp towel ; natural stone countertops suitably soft scouring pad , you can not wipe with toluene based cleaners , otherwise difficult to remove white flowers .


If the phone counter is wood material , should be cleaned with a duster to dust , then a dry cloth or with a special lotion to wipe maintenance logs , do not use a damp cloth to clean and oil products .






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