Mobile phone accessories cabinet in Paris, France

Mobile phone accessories cabinet in Paris, France

Dear friends welcome to our website. I received a message from a customer a few days ago. He said that he would go to an exhibition to show his products, so he asked us to make a kiosk to show his mobile phone accessories to him. He knew what he wanted, he told us all his ideas, we turned his ideas into designs. This design has display cabinets, there are high cabinets, and also have aluminum trough display. Mainly wood and white color. He looks really good. OK, let’s look at the design first.

This kiosk not only has a display area but also a seating area and a cashier area. From the design of the way we can see very detailed, each cabinet is what can be done. Some are on display, some are stored and some are for working. It is like we entering a store. You can put your logo on the cabinet and also can hang a lightbox painting to advertise your product.

This kiosk main material is plywood laminate and veneer. There are many wood colors and stripes, you can choose what you like. This wood color is common in the mobile phone store. It is not too dark and looks comfortable. The display cabinet is equipped with a light belt to make the product clearer. Let’s look at the production photos.

After reading, what do you think of this cabinet? Do you like it? Do you want to make one? Lol, if you also want to make a display kiosk, you can tell me your ideas. Such as the kiosk layout, color or other you want to do. We can discuss the design first, when we know how to do, we will make the design. Design need 300usd deposit, when we place an order, it will return to you. We can according to the design to confirm many details. The final product is also based on a design drawing. So the design is very necessary. When we confirm the design, we will start production. Then arrange the shipment. The production time is about 28 days. So you want to make a kiosk, you need to prepare two months in advance.

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