Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture

In the early 1800’s and before, furniture was quite ornate. Furniture
designers carved their pieces as intricately as sculptures, covering them
with busy designs until the pieces became works of art. Rich fabrics and
gilded woods were choice materials. A lot of this early furniture was
unique, created by local masters of the craft and displayed in the homes of
the wealthy.

All of that changed in the latter half of the19th Century. That’s when the
modernist movement began. Instead of focusing on ornamentation, modern
furniture designers tried to make their pieces as simple and functional aspossible. Unlike the dark, heavy, imposing presence of their predecessors,
modern furnishings were light, clean, and minimal. Lavish woods and
upholstery were replaced by polished metal and synthetic materials. Modern
furniture was also more geometric in appearance, departing from the gentle
curves of traditional furniture.

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