Multifunction mall beauty kiosk

Multifunction mall beauty kiosk

We all know now beauty industry is booming. Especially eyebrow threading and manicure industry. Beauty kiosk are springing up in shopping mall. And we also know that a manicure and eyebrow threading take a long time. When there are too many guests, or those who come with friends will need to wait in the side. How do they pass the time? We all know that when we are relaxing, we will go to the coffee shop to have coffee or snacks. So, is it possible to have a manicure while drinking coffee? Yes, it’s possible. Today i want to introduce you a product. It can use in the mall, it’s a place where you can get your manicures and drink some coffee. Let’s look at the picture first.

On the right is the work place. It have 3 seats for manicure, one seat for a pedicure and one seat for eyebrow threading. There are also basins for clients and staff to wash their hands. Between the basins and eyebrow threading area have nail polish display cabinet. You can show your nail polish or other products.

On the left side near the entrance, there have cashier area and leisure area where guests can wait or have some coffee. It can put some coffee machines or juice machines. It also can put a bar fridge.There also have a sink, it can wash the fruit or food that needs washing. The work area and leisure area are separated by only one board, which saves a lot of space and looks more layered.

But the function of this kiosk cannot be seen from a distance. So let’s look at the outside.

Outside is some advertising posters and logo, so even from a distance you know what this kiosk is for. It is mainly divided into three colors, black,white and pink. Black for coffee and pink for manicures. It’s very effective in dividing the different work areas.

A multifunctional kiosk offering food and drinks is always more appealing than a regular kiosk. The most important thing about the mall kiosk is to be attractive and unusual. If you have a wide range of services, you can also build a kiosk like the one above. If possible, you also can set up drink area. But it doesn’t matter if it’s not ok. You can just build a kiosk you like, do what you do best. After all, word of mouth can win a lot of customers. The kiosk is just an auxiliary, but crucial.

So if you want to make a kiosk, you have your ideas, you can contact us. We will help you make the best kiosk.

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