Of jewelry display cabinet maintenance

Of jewelry display cabinet maintenance

    We often see that there are many jewelry stores inside the mall , where the biggest function is to display jewelry, while jewelry display cabinet maintenance should also require special attention. Those jewels  display in front of customers perfectly needs routine maintenance.

    The majority of jewelry display cabinet frame is made of metal and stainless steel and the like, the daily routine cleaning should use a dry cotton cloth. For clean water should be wrung cloth or clean water with stainless steel to prevent oxidation of the metal surface . Of the HDF, often with a dry cotton cloth to wipe , not scrub with detergent general .

    In jewelry display cabinet sliding door frame , mostly metals and stainless steel materials , we usually use a dry cotton cleaning cloth. For water to clean , probably wrung cloth or wash water stainless steel , to avoid oxidation of the metal surface .
    In glass display section , multi- door glass or high density . For glass doors , we often use a dry cloth to wipe ; or with diluted neutral detergent or glass special detergent scrub , then with a dry cotton , lint-free cloth to dry.

    As the jewelry display cabinet is mainly made of glass and stainless steel frame, it is easy to be dirty, which requires clean everyday for a better jewelry show. For more knowledge of jewelry display cabient, please contact me freely.


Date: 13. 03. 2014

Editor: Christine Su

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