Paint showcase of production process

Paint showcase of production process

When you choose a glossy cosmetic display ,you may think why it looks so elegent and how is it made of?Unique Furniture CO.Ltd.,will tell you the most important production process to your wonder.

Varnish construction process:
→ sanding paper to clean wood surface polish pink parked on the Run → → → sanding sandpaper scraping over the first pass putty, sanded second time → full scraping putty, fine sanded → → brushing oil color brush varnish first pass → fight looking up putty color reproduction, fine sanded → second time varnish brush, fine sandpaper polished third time → brush varnish polish → water back light sanding, waxing and polishing. 

 Mixing paint application process:
First clean the dust grass surface, grass patch with matte paper → → tie knots at play putty primer paint flakes → → → First fill the putty paint-drying polish → → → brushing primer primer dry brushing the surface hard → → → re-fill putty repair polished wipe the third, the second time over the finish brushing paint finish third time → → → polish polishing and waxing.



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