Pay attention to the light terms in clothing display cabinet design

Pay attention to the light terms in clothing display cabinet design


Light can lead to customer’s attention so the costume design front display cabinets , consider using the principles of light , good light can guide customers into the mall , make shopping a pleasant atmosphere to form a bright , you can make the product a distinctive eye-catching display , colorful , causing the customer’s desire to buy. Dim light , the mall will seem oppressive , but the light is too strong, it will make the customer feel dizzy , salesman vision nervous, error-prone . It is therefore crucial for the rational use of light , the color of the product is too complex scattered light will generally choose the color of clothing display cabinet not more than three main colors, so as not to let the clothing display cabinet looks very mixed .

How in boutiques rational use of light it? The first is the use of natural light , both the original appearance of the display of goods , but also to save energy . This applies to large stores . Roughly into three categories: decorative lighting, basic lighting, special lighting :

1 , decorative lighting , boutique advertising light boxes such as lighting .

2 , basic lighting , referring to the store boutiques to maintain visibility , facilitate customers to buy goods and design lighting group . Taking into account the principles of lighting fixtures are not average , to be focused, prominent product display area, the total illumination to achieve a certain strength.

3 , special lighting , also called commodity lighting , which is to highlight the qualities of goods to attract customers’ attention and set up lamps. In the sale of boutique, jewelry parts , lights and directional cluster , dazzling crystal display products , precious gorgeous ;


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