Perfume display kiosk for famous brands

Perfume display kiosk for famous brands

     Perfume display kiosk for famous brands
How to made the perfume display kiosk in China? Unique Director of Marketing Michael? Ziegler (MichaelZiegler), the Asian Development Corporation (AsiaDevelopmentEnterprise, ADE), director of marketing and sales company in 1997 and started from scratch with all couples, created ADE Corporation. The 52-year-old American on the Chinese market, many of their feelings and experiences. He was born in a small town near Pittsburgh, has been in the United States 14 years experience in the retail industry, followed by 7 years working in the United States Christian? Dior Inc. (ChristianDior). Prior to 1996, Ziegler never been to China. Although he still does not speak Chinese, but he has been in the past decade perfume brands operating in China, and has been successful.
ADE Corporation is headquartered in Beijing, is principally engaged in high-end perfume sales, marketing and distribution. ADE has now occupies in addition to direct sales in China, a large cosmetics brand perfume than half the high-end fragrance market share. After years of development, ADE only a few employees from a small company’s growth in the national total of 500 employees of enterprises.
Company’s brands include those who are often in large department stores or fashion magazines, perfume name appears on such HugoBoss, CalvinKlein, Davidoff, JenniferLopez, MarcJacob, Bvlgari, FerragamoUngaro, Guess, ParisHilton or RobertoVerino so.
In this decade, Ziegler has not only witnessed the rapid growth of the perfume market,but also perfume display kiosk, has witnessed China’s rapid economic development. He from China’s booming economy to benefit greatly, since such a high-speed still make him in amazement. China is now Asia’s second largest cosmetics market,and perfume display kiosk importer. Li & Fung Group in Hong Kong early in September Research Centre (Li & FungResearchCenter) released a report that the cosmetics market will continue to prosper. National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released data is expected that China’s middle-class family from 2005 to 2020 increased 5% to 45%. Report notes that "as consumers continue to release their purchasing power, China’s cosmetics industry prospects for the future." While the only perfume
corner of the cosmetics industry, but it is currently growing rapidly. How little was known about the past perfume products in China to accept the new things it? How consumers in China to establish brand recognition it perfume? Knowledge Wharton Chinese version of the Michael? Ziegler’s achievements in the Chinese market were interviewed. The following is an edited interview:
Knowledge Wharton: Can you talk briefly about your business in China from the experience? The Chinese market a decade ago and now different?
Ziegler: Our company is owned by a couple: Sam? Chen (SamChen) and Mei? Zhang (MayZhang). Her husband is Taiwanese, and his wife from Beijing. After high school, his wife to the United States to attend university, I work at Dior when they met, she has a soft spot for the fragrance industry. Slowly I became friends with them, I sprout with them the idea of perfume sold in China, and then we began to chat … …
1996, we came to China to see. The results we are disappointed, think the idea is crazy, absolutely impossible. But in the end we decided to give it a try. So we start a business, just beginning really difficult, because then no one interested in the Chinese market, they feel that doing business with China can not succeed.
I was on the Chinese retail industry’s first impression is that the chaotic disorder, shops are all gray. Ten years ago, China was indeed the case. Now of course it changes every day. At that time very few brands entering China, there are Christian? Dior, there is a small part of the Shiseido brand. We went to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, stores everywhere are dirty. So our idea seems difficult to achieve. But I have spent 14 years in the retail industry, but also in Dior for 7 years, and I feel it myself. But I never thought a decade ago and China has no fragrance industry, the industry does not exist.

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