Pine furniture, pine oil that what method to remove it

Pine furniture, pine oil that what method to remove it

Pine furniture texture clear, 4 . Dissolution method < with 25 % aqueous acetone to dissolve. Delicate lines , popular people’s favorite . But there is a bad problem is what is meant by smart TV sometimes pine oil leaking from the remnants or appearance, not only cause the paint difficult, and affect the appearance and use of effects . Chengdu luxury decoration company called Benny clever recipe you remove pine oil !
In addition to pine oil has Lotus
Many consumers in the process of using pine furniture , often encounter pine oil ( turpentine ) remaining in pine or leaking inside surface , causing the paint not only difficult , but also affect the appearance and use of effects . If you want to get rid of pine in the pine oil , you can use the following methods:
1. Caustic law
8% to 10 % sodium carbonate ( edible base surface ) solution, 6% or 4 % solution of caustic soda , washing with pine parts of pine oil , pine oil so saponification ( Oil and play a role and becomes alkali soap and glycerol ) followed by a sponge or a brush dipped in hot water (40 ~ 50 ℃) scrub , rinse .
2 . Rinsing method
20 grams of bleaching powder, 0.5 kg of warm water to dissolve , with this solution have repeatedly painted pine pine oil site, until a little white, then the refrigerator door shut lax water rinse .
3 Eradication Act
Pine oil leaking on more local , you can use the shovel knife partial eradication, then use putty smooth. Regardless of which method processing needs with ethanol ( alcohol ) scrub coat of shellac or varnish again , in case there is no net addition to the pine oil leaking , affect the film within the pine .
4 . Dissolution method
Dissolved in 25% aqueous acetone , but also with a mixture of 20% aqueous acetone and a small amount of an alkali scrub .

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