Popcorn Kiosk

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Attractive popcorn dispaly kiosk design .

popcorn is very popular leisure snacks , it is very yummy , many people all like pop corn , special are childern , girl . but there is a common and interesting phenomenon, many lovers  buy popcorn when seeing a movies . not because popcorn’s tasty , but this on behalf of
romantic, between lovers , Eating popcorn while wating movies , which is very romantic and happy things .

are you going sell popcorn ? if so , where to open popcorn display kiosk?

  1. Shopping mall , 2. Cinema nearby is the most important and necessary location , every  cinema near all have popcorn display showcases . why those places ? because this place has one thing in common that is large traffic of people, your business must is very hot . You just need made building a unique popcorn kiosk to catch people’s eyes.

How to make a unique and attractive popcorn glass display shelves ?

  1. Tlak with mall about sign lease
  2. Find UKS and tell us your ideas and needs , help you make design.
  3. Send desing to get mall approved
  4. Build kiosk and packing and shipping .

If you want to build a popcorn display kiosk or you want to start a design for pop corn  kiosk in mall , welcome to inquiry.