10 by 15 feet Sushi Kiosk Shopping mall Black High-end Food Kiosk for Sushi

10 by 15 feet Sushi Kiosk Shopping mall Black High-end Food Kiosk for Sushi

Are you looking to turn your passion into a profitable business venture? Look no further! Customized sushi kiosk suitable for shopping mall. This bite-sized business opportunity offers you the chance to roll into success and serve up delicious sushi to hungry mall-goers.

Sushi kiosk

Customized Sushi Kiosk

This sushi kiosk is a Canadian project. With a prime location in a bustling shopping mall, this 10×15 feet sushi Kiosk offers a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to break into the competitive food industry. The size of the kiosk makes it easy to manage and maintain, allowing you to focus on what really matters – serving up delicious sushi and building a loyal customer base.

Size: 10 by 15 feet(can be customized)


1. MDF with painting

2. Stainless steel contertop

3. Stainless steel skirting

4. Light strip

5. Tempere glass

Sushi Sensation:10×15 Feet Food Kiosk!

Imagine stepping into your very own sushi haven every day – that dream can become a reality with this 10×15 feet sushi kiosk for sale. Equipped with all the essentials to whip up fresh and delectable sushi rolls, this kiosk is the perfect setting for you to showcase your culinary skills and share your love for Japanese cuisine with eager customers.

Don’t let this exciting opportunity pass you by – seize the chance to own your very own sushi kiosk and embark on a delicious journey towards success. All the tools you need to create mouthwatering sushi dishes, this kiosk is the perfect recipe for a thriving business. Roll into the world of sushi entrepreneurship today and watch your passion for cuisine come to life in this exciting food kiosk for sale!

Sushi kiosk