2020 supply customized curved food kiosk with stone countertop for sale

2020 supply customized curved food kiosk with stone countertop for sale

2020 supply customized curved food kiosk with stone countertop for sale

Are you looking for a unique food kiosk? Both outdoors and indoors, the food business is very popular. So more and more food showcases and food stores appear in our life. Especially in the shopping mall, we can see all kinds of food showcases with many people. Such as cake showcases, bread showcases, juice showcases, ice cream showcases and so on. Today I’m going to introduce you to a 2020 supply customized curved food kiosk in the mall.

The food kiosk design pictures

ice cream showcase

This is a black curved food showcase with stone countertops. Its materials are plywood, glass, artificial stone, stainless steel, etc. Usually curved food showcases are very unique. And the stone counter of this kiosk is some machines and half a circle of glass covered with them. So the customer can see all the ingredients at a glance. Also, there is a glass case to display food, a counter for POS machines and some storage cabinets under the counter. Do you like this special food kiosk?

food showcase

Many people want to make a beautiful and special food showcase. Because the customer pays attention to the appearance of the showcase first. And then your product. So the decoration of the showcase is particularly important. Do you know how to decorate a food showcase?

Some ideas for decorating the food showcase

The shape of the food showcase

Good-looking food kiosks can easily attract people’s attention. Most of the ones we see are square food showcases. Besides it, you can try to make other special shape kiosks. For example, M-shaped showcases, U-shaped showcases, L-shaped showcases, etc. These are classic food kiosks shape. They are all very special.


Each food kiosk should have its own logo. Logo is not only the facade of the food showcase, representing your products. But also a good way to promote your products. And a nice and special logo will give customers a deep impression. So you can do acrylic logo, 3D luminous logo, stainless steel logo and so on.

Lightboxes and Led lights

It’s often hard to say no to something that glitters. So the lighting decoration of the food showcase is also important. You can install some poster light boxes for publicity, menu light boxes for customers to order, and some LED lights. These are all great ways to decorate your food kiosk and make it more appealing. Do you think so?