20ft container shop very popular container shop in the beach

20ft container shop very popular container shop in the beach

Summer is coming, many people like to go to the seaside to swimming, some children like to play on the beach. Then, the business opportunity is coming too. Think about it, if you sell some food, juice or some bathing suit and life buoy in the beach. Are you still worried about losing business? No, of course not. Your business will booming. Because food and juice are necessities. And there must be a lot of people there who need swimsuits and rings.So is already choose the best place, then how to start the business. Let’s look at this useful container.

This is a 20ft container food shop, it can sell food, coffee or some juice. Inside is a bar counter and some equipement and some decoration. Also have display shelf to put some juice or toppings. The outsaide is a rest area, there have some desks and chairs. When someone is tired, they can rest there. By the way, buy a cold drink. So you can make a juice container. The floor of this container is retractable ,so if you want to stay in this place for a long time, you can put it away at night and close the door, that’s very safely.

Container shop also can show other products. Such as clothes or swimsuits.

Very cool right? You can use the container shop to sell anything. If you sell food, we will design the bar counter for you. If you sell clothes or cosmetic or phone, we will deisgn the display cabinet or shelf for you. They also can use be a house. But the container cost is lower than the real house. So many people choose make the container to doing their business.

Container shop is include everything but expect machines or equipment. If you want to make a container shop, you can tell us your ideas, we will deisgn a full container shop for you. You can tell us the container you like, in general, the container has these sizes of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft, you can according to your business scale to choose the size to be made. Then tell me your business, so we will design it for you. But first, you should pay 300USD design fee, when we finish this order, it will deduct from your balance payment. And the container cost is depends on the final design. So please contact us, let’s talk about more details.

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  • July 11, 2019