3x3m nice design roll ice cream kiosk with high lighted brand

3x3m nice design roll ice cream kiosk with high lighted brand

3x3m nice design roll ice cream kiosk with high lighted brand

Do you know what the most popular frozen drink on a hot summer day is? It is sure that most people would say ice cream. Ice cream is popular because of its special taste and coolness. If you start your first business with ice cream,  this is a great choice. And it’s better to open an ice cream kiosk in the mall first. So this will save you money and make business easier.

How to start an ice cream business

1.Choose a place in the mall

First of all, you need to find a good place and rent it in the mall. Because this is where you provide services to customers, and it is also where customers know about your business. And a good location can attract more customers for your ice cream business. So please do not miss a good mall location. Also, the size of the location is also determined by your budget.

2.Determine the type of business

Ice cream is not only unique in taste, but also in variety. Such as hard ice cream/American ice cream, soft ice cream, French ice cream, skim ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt, Dondurma, etc. You need to know who your target customers are. And then choose an ice cream to sell.

3.Customize an ice cream showcase

If you are going to start business in the mall, you need an ice cream showcase. Do you want to make your ice cream kiosk better and unique? The best way is to customize an ice cream kiosk. Generally, customized ice cream kiosk not only can make full use of space, meet your requirements very well. But also can easily attract people’s attentions, help you increase the sales. 

4.Promote your business

Before opening, you need to promote your business. Because it can effectively increase your sales. So you can send out some ads and do some promotional activities. For example, you could offer a customer ice cream at half price. So customers can enjoy the delicious ice cream with their family and friends. This activity will bring you more clients.

3x3m roll ice cream kiosk showing

ice cream stand

The ice cream showcase is 3 meters by 3 meters in area. And there are several machines for making ice cream in the front. You can quickly make ice cream for people when they need to buy it. On the right is a cash register and food display counter. So customers can communicate and place orders here. On the left is a stainless steel work counter, a sink. It is very convenient for work. Also, there is high light brand. It’s quite easy to get attention from customers.

ice cream showcase

Do you like this roll ice cream kiosk above? If you are interested in building an ice cream showcase in the mall, please feel free to contact us.